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Seller’s Testimonial: 24 Crockett in Northwood, Irvine

We just closed escrow on 24 Crockett in Northwood Irvine with my complimentary home staging services and internet based marketing. We were able to get an offer which was 30,000 dollars over asking price and sold in ONLY FOUR DAYS! Isn’t that incredible?! I love to share David’s feedback and testimonial here. Enjoy!



Community Event: Irvine Global Village Festival


Hello fellow Irvine residents,

Today (9/28) the 12th annual Irvine Global Village Festival will be taking place from 10:00 AM-6:00 PM at the Bill Barber Park. Looked upon and praised as one of the great cultural events in Orange County, this event gives the residents of Irvine an opportunity to get exposed to the breadth of various cultures that reside in Irvine and learn about their unique values and backgrounds. As you all know, Irvine is a fantastic melting pot of many rich and diverse cultural backgrounds so an event like this is perfect for us to expand our children and our own understanding and view of the world and people around us. If just the education part wasn’t convincing enough, there will be daylong entertainment, international cuisines, cultural and religious exhibits, kids’ village arts and crafts activities, and much much more. Festival entry and parking are free. I have included a link for more information regarding this event. This is just one of the many reasons me and my family love living in Irvine!

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!


Open House: 22 Monticello, Irvine

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 12.00.44 PM

Welcome to this charming Single Level Home in a magnificent location! This fabulous home with beautiful front-gated courtyard offers 2 spacious room, 2 large bathrooms, approximately 1,600 SQFT of living space, on a 4,825 SQFT lot. If you are a seller, come check out my staging services of this home and see how easily you can increase the market value of your home. Please let anyone who is interested in purchasing a house in Irvine of this great open house taking place today and tomorrow (9/28, 9/29). Look forward to seeing you all there!



Seller’s Testimonial: 20 Calhoun, Irvine, CA

Are you interested in hearing first-hand about my services and quality of work as a realtor? Below is a link to one of my client’s testimonials.

I truly enjoyed working with Fred and Jeanne on selling their home. They were pleasant, cooperative, and always open to my suggestions. We had a lot of fun staging their home and the final product looked fantastic!

If you are interested in more testimonials, reviews, or houses I am currently representing on the market check out my youtube channel at:



Passionate Palette Home Staging Services

Many home owners today are unaware of how important it is to stage their homes before selling in today’s competitive housing market. After years of experience selling homes, you could say that I have learned a thing or two about how critical it is to set up your home to be inviting for visitors and potential buyers. The buyer has to be able to imagine their own belongings in the home and presenting it as empty will leave them feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied. However, staging a home appropriately and professionally will make it more appealing for potential buyers. If you are still not convinced, here are a few reasons why staging your home is important:

  • People buy homes largely based on emotions – They have to be able to envision themselves in that home, therefore, creating a “home feeling and vibe” is very important.
  • The right kind of staging can help display how much space your home really has to offer.
  • Competition in the housing market is fierce – It’s crucial to be able to stand apart from your competitors and have something unique to offer!
  • Staged homes look more attractive in pictures, websites, and advertisements.
  • Home staging gets you the maximum value for your home – All of the properties that I have listed and staged for my clients have been sold above asking price.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, I advocate strongly and offer my own home staging expertise and services to my clients. If you like some more information regarding the benefits and costs of home staging, feel free to contact me (call/text/email) regarding my own home staging service. Of course, one of the perks of listing your home with me is that you will be getting this service for free! Yes, that’s right! for FREE!

I look forward to your feedback or questions regarding this post.


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