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With enough PASSION, anything’s possible.

Affie Setoodeh is living proof.

At 17 years of age, when most kids are learning to drive and hanging out with friends, Affie Setoodeh’s best friend was her dog-eared English dictionary. She had recently arrived in the United States from her Iranian homeland in pursuit of vast opportunity, higher education and ultimately, the American Dream. However, she knew very little English when she was accepted to the University of Louisiana. But true to her passionate nature, Affie persevered, simultaneously teaching herself English and excelling in school en route to earning her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

The Passion to Persevere

Spending quality time with family is Affie’s favorite way to unwind after a hard day’s work.

Spending quality time with family is Affie’s favorite way to unwind after a hard day’s work.

Through the struggles she faced early on, Affie learned to balance school and work, finding a job to support herself while in college. “I had to adjust and learn to survive on my own at a young age,” she says. “It taught me to work hard and I got used to the fight. Now it’s a part of who I am. Giving up is just not in my nature.”

Shortly after getting married to her college sweetheart, Ali, she was able to land a new job as an IT Auditor with Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) in Los Angeles. Here, her strong work ethic was an ideal fit for the fast-paced and dynamic environment that included heavy workload, demanding deadlines and managing multi-million dollar projects for major corporations. Affie’s talents and aptitude for hard work were quickly recognized by her superiors, and with determination and dedication, she was able to climb the corporate
ladder to become a leading supervisor at PWC in a short amount of time.


Life’s New Challenges

Affie’s passionate approach to real estate is evident from the moment you meet her. It’s a great feeling to have that on your side.

Affie’s passionate approach to real estate is evident from the moment you meet her. It’s a great feeling to have that on your side.

As Affie and Ali started their family, the demands of raising twin baby girls and one toddler while working and traveling full-time proved to be more draining than she had anticipated. While she loved her career, her priorities had been realigned to reflect her new role as a mother. This important responsibility demanded that she focus her energies on raising her daughters and maintaining the home, which she did dutifully for several years.

Once the girls were older, Affie and her husband decided that it was finally time for her to try her hand at her newfound passion, real estate. While a stay-at- home mom, Affie had undertaken a project to remodel and renovate her home and in the process fell in love with it. She had a natural eye for interior design and color, and with the help of her sister, an architect, she was able to learn about space and lighting. Needless to say, her home turned out as beautiful as she had imagined and she realized that this fervor could be channeled into a full-time career.

However, Affie’s early days in real estate did not come easy. But her perseverance and previous experiences proved to be crucial and deeply advantageous in her new line of business. As she gathered more knowledge and expertise within the industry, and the more she helped her clients sell or find the perfect place to call home, the more she became reassured of her decision to become a REALTOR®. Her passion extended in every direction – from the communities she served to the people with whom she worked with.

Today, with more than a decade of professional experience, countless industry awards and recognitions, there simply could not be a better fit for Affie than real estate, and it shows. From the moment you meet her, you understand that this is what she was born to do.


Expertise to Help You

As an award-winning real estate professional since 2003 and a consistent top producer in the industry, Affie draws upon a wealth of market knowledge to achieve the greatest success for her clients. Her excellent client service has led her to earning her broker’s license and become an accredited home stager, Notary Public and certified short sale and foreclosure specialist.

She is also passionate about home staging and started The Passionate Palette to provide comprehensive, professional staging services for sellers throughout Orange County. On her own listings, she includes this staging expertise as one of the myriad value- added services she provides for her clients. When you consider the benefits that yield from this combined expertise, along with her superior marketing and professional service, it’s no wonder more and more people choose Affie for all their real estate needs.

The Passion to Move You

If you’re considering a move, put passion on your side by giving Affie a call today. Something as important as your home demands nothing less. Once you share your goals with her, she makes them her own and won’t give up until she’s achieved them. That’s what The Passion to Move You is all about. Call Affie today to schedule a private consultation to discuss your specific real estate goals.